James Edmunds

Session Drummer - Percussionist - Technician


My setup varies from session to session, I use a wide range of cymbals and drums so as to be able to adapt to as many styles as possible. 

Snare Drums:

14 x 5" Animal Custom, Vintage Birch

14 x 6.5" Animal Custom, Maple/Mahogany

14 x 7" Handmade Vented, Maple

14 x 6.5” Gretsch USA Custom, Chrome over Brass

14 x 5" GC Gold Custom, Nickel over Brass

14 x 8" 1920's John Grey, Brass

14 x 11" 1960's Beverley, Mahongany

10 x 2" Sonor Jungle

8 x 4" Meinl Snare Timbale 



Meinl 8.5" M Series Bell

Meinl 10" Classics China Splash

Meinl 10" Soundcaster Fusion Splash

Meinl 13" Soundcaster Fusion Hi Hats 

Meinl 14" 1950's Medium Hi Hats

Meinl 14" Byzance Traditional China

Meinl 15" M Series Hi Hats

Meinl 17" Byzance Dark Crash

Meinl 18" 1950's Sizzle Crash Ride

Meinl 18" Designer Microwave Ride

Meinl 20" Byzance Vintage Pure Light Ride

Meinl 20" Laser Thin Ride

Meinl 20" Prototype Ride

Meinl 22" Byzance Jazz Medium Ride

Meinl 22" Prototype Ride



Regal Tip Sticks, Mallets & Brushes

Cympad Cymbal Optimisers 

Meinl Percussion Instruments